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Litigant in Person

A Litigant in Person (sometime referred to as a “LiP”) is someone who represents themselves in a civil legal action, without the advice, guidance and representation of a lawyer. From 31 May 2021, a person can represent themselves as a LiP to get compensation following a road traffic accident in England or Wales if they have suffered a whiplash injury. This is done via a self-serve online portal system called the Official Injury Claim portal (or OIC). Below are links to some useful information about the OIC claim process for making a claim:

  1. OIC Guide to Making a Claim Under the RTA Small Claims Protocol
  2. OIC Guide to Legal ‘Jargon’
  3. Medco guide to remote examination (v10)
  4. Complaints Policy for Unrepresented Claimants
  5. Frequently Asked Questions for Unrepresented Claimants