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Doctors Chambers

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Have you suffered an injury and are pursuing a claim?

Doctors Chambers work with Personal Injury Lawyers and the major Insurance Companies to help them obtain independent medical evidence. Your Solictor or the Insurance company may instruct Doctors Chambers to obtain medical evidence to advance your case. They will normally inform you of our involvement. We refer to you as our "client", "claimant" or the "injured party".


How Doctors Chambers assist with the Independent Medical Report process

Shortly after we receive a request from your Solicitor or the Insurance company, we will try to contact you by telephone or letter to arrange a suitable medical appointment.  We will do our utmost to ensure that our expert is within your local area and that they are able to examine you within the shortest possible time. Doctors Chambers will confirm with you the medical appintment details (date, time, venue address) either by email, letter and/or SMS. In some circumstances, the medical expert may contact you directly to arrange the appointment or with details of the appointment.


Medical Records

In some circumstances, the independent medical expert will need to review your medical records (such as GP or Hospital records) to establish your treatment after the material injury and any pre-existing medical problems. The records will only be released to us if you sign a suitable consent form. Obtaining medical records can cause delays to your case settlement and we would appreciate your assistance in returning the signed consent form as soon as possible to keep the delays to a minimum.