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MedCo Accreditation Deadline Extension

Industry News : 24 March 2016

MedCo has recently received a number of enquiries about the interpretation of section 1.1 (A1) of the RTA Pre-Action Protocol, related to whether Experts who are not accredited by April 6th 2016 but were instructed on a case prior to the deadline can provide a valid medical report. 

MedCo has taken this issue to the MoJ, together with Experts’ concerns about successfully achieving accreditation by April 6th due to recent changes to the Accreditation Training programme.

The Master of the Rolls has agreed to extend the accreditation deadline to 1st June 2016.

MedCo wishes to publicly express its thanks to the MoJ and the Master of the Rolls for their prompt action in resolving these issues.