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Articles in Industry News

MedCo Accreditation Deadline Extension

Industry News : 24 March 2016

MedCo has announced that the deadline for the training accreditation programme is to be extended to 1st June 2016.

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Insurers want action to curb ‘The New Whiplash'

Industry News : 27 July 2015

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) have called for disease claims to be subject to fixed costs.  Claims such as Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) have been increasing and insurers say they are adding to the cost of insurance premiums and holding up the progress of claims.

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Fundamental Dishonesty Rule Change

Industry News : 22 April 2015

Last week, the government implemented, as part of the Criminal Justice and Courts Act, new rules which prevent a claimant receiving compensation if they have been found to be fundamentally dishonest, unless the decision would lead to substantial injustice.

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Online Motoring pleas go National

Industry News : 19 March 2015

The Ministry of Justice have revealed that almost one-third of people accused of low-level traffic offences have taken up the opportunity to plead online.  

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Online Court Services

Industry News : 5 March 2015

A report by the independent Civil Justice Council says a new internet based court service run by the government should be created to handle low-value civil claims. 

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The UK trial Driverless Cars!

Industry News : 16 February 2015

Last week the first trials of Driverless cars began across the country.  Milton Keynes, Bristol, Coventry and Greenwich were at the centre of the launch. So is this the beginning of a safer, less congested, driverless future?  

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MedCo opens for claimant solicitor and insurer registrations

Industry News : 2 February 2015

On 31st January 2015, MedCo opened its doors to allow claimant representatives (solicitor firms, claims management companies etc) and compensators (such as Insurance companies) to submit an application to register their organisations as a user of the MedCo portal.

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The Eclipse Proclaim Modern Law Awards 2014

Industry News : 21 July 2014

The Eclipse Proclaim Modern Law Awards 2014 takes place on the 15th October at the Hilton, Park Lane London.  Last year’s inaugural event was an outstanding success and this years is set to be a night to remember.

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CMCs to be fined under new power?

Industry News : 1 April 2014

Claims management companies could soon face fines of up to 20% of their turnover under new powers for obtaining information through cold calling and spam texts.

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Enforcement action over referral fee ban slows down

Industry News : 5 March 2014

Claims Management Companies (CMCs) are currently being monitored by The Ministry of Justice over potential breaches of the referral fee ban, but enforcement action is slowly abating.

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