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Articles in Clinical Negligence News

Clinical Negligence Fees to be capped

Clinical Negligence News : 21 July 2015

The government have confirmed they intend to apply strict limits on the fees incurred in Medical negligence cases against the NHS in England.

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Medical Negligence claims and the NHS

Clinical Negligence News : 23 February 2015

Last year the NHS Litigation Authority paid out £1.6bn for legal claims against the NHS and it has set aside £26.1 to cover outstanding liabilities. This is a quarter of their annual budget.

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Widow receives £116k compensation following death of husband during surgery

Clinical Negligence News : 12 February 2013

A woman who claimed her late husbands surgery had been conducted negligently has succeeded in winning her case.

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New Government Data reveals 326 NHS "Never Events"

Industry News : Clinical Negligence News : 8 November 2012

New data showing the total amount of NHS ‘never events’ over the last two years has been published by the Government.

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Georgia Keeling dies after Meningitis is mistaken for Swine Flu

Clinical Negligence News : 10 October 2012

A two-year-old girl from Norwich died from meningitis after being wrongly diagnosed with swine flu, an inquest has heard.

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Man, 24, aims for 2016 Paralympics after hospital neglect resulted in avoidable amputation

Clinical Negligence News : 17 September 2012

A recent report has revealed that a 24-year-old man was left needing his leg amputated after doctors failed to carry out straightforward muscle-pressure tests. The man is now hoping to take part in the next Paralympic Games in Rio in 2016.

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£1million compensation for 5 year-old Lucas, who suffered brain damage at birth due to doctors negligence

Clinical Negligence News : 17 August 2012

A young boy is to be awarded over £1million in compensation after  doctors failed to notice his blood sugar levels plummet, resulting in the development of cerebal palsy.

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Routine X-Ray reveals eight-inch long forceps left inside patient’s body from operation weeks before

Clinical Negligence News : 15 August 2012

A man at a hospital in Kent needed emergency surgery after medics failed to realise that they had left a pair of forceps inside his body during an appendix operation.

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Eight year-old set to receive multi-million pound compensation for devastating injuries suffered at birth

Clinical Negligence News : 9 August 2012

A multi-million pound compensation payout from Colchester Hospital is to be offered to a young girl who suffered catastrophic brain damage at birth, leaving her severely disabled.

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NHS trust faces close to 90 claims against same orthopaedic surgeon

Clinical Negligence News : 31 July 2012

A Yorkshire NHS trust is facing close to 90 claims from patients who were all operated on by the same surgeon, Manjit Bhamra.

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